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I was running a movie rental business a few years ago and the owner asked me one day how we could improve the efficiency of the staff. Rather than sending everyone on a customer relations course my answer was to put them through a typing course. The point of the matter is that it's possible to achieve better results by improving on what you already have rather than taking on more. Legentas is an education application for schools, businesses and lecturers that will teach you how to read at least twice as fast as you do now. This increases productivity as well as looking good on your CV.

The human brain normally processes about 500 words per minute when they are displayed separately but coherent texts can often only be read by untrained readers at speeds of only 200-250 words per minute. This is because human vision often skips on the rows while reading and the untrained reader is decelerated by too many of these skips. When you master speed reading you will be able to read coherent texts at a speed of 500+ words per minute. This means that if you read at least a couple of hours a day you can save close to seven hours a week - almost a whole working day - by doubling your reading speed. Legentas is an education application that lets you gain a little more time for yourself by teaching you to read more than twice as fast as before and allows you to save time and become more efficient when reading articles, books and emails as well as many other documents.

Speed reading is one of those applications that will work for you every day whether you are at work or studying. Legentas is a non aggressive education application that aims to improve your reading skills and text understanding in just a few weeks. The application is excellent in processing digital teaching methods using clever teaching tools but also manages to make it a lot of fun too. The online course includes a complete e-book about speed reading as well as access to all 20 lessons with unlimited access to additional exercises even after finishing the course. You gain a graduation certificate when you reach the 15th lesson and the app continues to deliver feed-back and advice through the learning process. Legentas uses interactive exercises and a bit of clearly explained theory to double your reading speed and you can study whenever and wherever you may be.